Guidelines For Buying The Best Tires For Your Used SUV

If you recently purchased a used SUV that needs tires, then it is important that you buy the right tires to meet your needs. Since tires vary in many different ways, you need to know which options are needed to match the way you drive your vehicle. By selecting the right tires for the driving you do, your tires will last longer and you will get the best gas mileage out of your vehicle.

So that you will make the best purchase selection for your used SUV's new set of tires, here are some guidelines to follow:

Know the Difference Between Light Truck and Passenger Vehicle Tires

Most smaller SUVs on the market today can use either a light truck tire or a passenger vehicle tire. Since passenger tires are generally less expensive and will help your SUV handle better on the highway, you should consider using passenger tires if you do not do any offroading in your vehicle. However, if your SUV is on the larger end of the spectrum, is used off road frequently, or is driven in bad weather, then you should purchase light truck rated tires for it. The light truck tires will hold more weight and will provide better protection and performance to meet your needs.

Understand How Different Tread Patterns and Depths Affect the Performance of Your Vehicle

In addition to the type of tire you purchase, its tread pattern and tread depth are also very important. Tread that is very aggressive will not perform well when you drive on the highway. For this reason, if you do not need to drive in snow and mud, then you should choose a less aggressive tread depth and design.

Realize that Not All Tires are Created Equal and What Premium Tires Bring to the Table

When you are looking at tires, it is important that you understand that not all tires of the same size aren't created equal. Basic tires with lower mileage ratings are sold for cheaper prices. These tires will not last as long and are thinner, so they are more susceptible to road damage and flats. Premium tires are higher in price, but they are made from higher grade rubber, are thicker, and are less apt to be damaged from items on the roadway.

Consider Purchasing Road Hazard Coverage on Your SUV's New Tires

Finally, no matter what tires you decide to purchase for your SUV, you should consider purchasing road hazard coverage for them. With hazard coverage, your tires will be covered if you puncture one with a nail or split one open by hitting a curb. If you regularly drive in areas with gravel roads or low-quality pavement, then road hazard coverage is essential. 

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