Tire Characteristics To Consider When Purchasing Winter Tires

If you live in a climate that sees frequent snowfall, finding the optimum tire for your ride can be a challenge. You will need to find tires that are not only effective at driving over ice and snow, but that can also drive effectively after the weather has warmed up until you are ready to replace your tires.

Tread Pattern

Snow tires have a zig-zag pattern that removes water from the tires. The zig-zag pattern also provides better grip for slippery grounds. More asymmetrical treads are ideal for roads that have more of a light dusting of snow and that are more prone to black ice. Black ice refers to ice that is difficult to see and is very slippery.


Some of the best snow tires will not only preform well over snow, but will also perform well on dry pavement. Therefore, you will not have to worry when the snow melts and evaporates. Another good option is to purchase all season tires, which allow you to avoid the hassle of having your tires switched.

The Tread Compound

The adaptive NanoPro-Tech Multicell tread compound is designed for better ice traction. It will be better able to handle the thin layer of water that can form underneath the tire when driving over ice. Then, there are other types of tread compounds that are designed to wick away the water.

Road Noise

Decide whether road noise matters to you or not. If it does matter, this will limit the number of cars that you can choose from. Reducing road noise has always been difficult because the characteristics of tires that make them more effective on icy roads can also make the tires louder.


Looks can matter, but the appearance of your tires are superficial and you will have more versatility with the option you choose if you focus on practical matters such as the tire's grip and handling.

Truck Tires

If you will be driving over snow in a heavy truck, you will not only need to be concerned about how well you will be able to handle your vehicle, but the durability of the tires. If you purchase the best truck tire, you will be able to come to a reasonably fast stop even with the worst traction. Each of these options will be an improvement over tires not designed for snow and ice, but when your safety is a concern, it is worth putting time into finding the best snow tires.

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