Race Car Accessories That Really Make Your Car POP!

When you are speeding around the track of the Indianapolis 500 with about a hundred other race cars featuring many of the same colors, how do you stand out? Well, your sponsor's logo is on your vehicle, but even logos often have same or similar colors. If you want the announcers in the commentary booth to recognize your car and tell it apart from the rest in a play-by-play moment at high speed, here are a few accessories that can really make your car pop!

Pirelli Race Tires

Not only does this company make quality race tires that last and last, but they also make race tires with colored bands on the outside edges of the tires. Right now, you have to pre-order them in order to get them in time for the racing season. All three primary colors of red, yellow, and blue are available, plus white. Match them to the main color on the body of your race car, or choose a set that matches a less dominant color on your car and really make it stand out. Want a custom color? Select from any color on the pixel color grid and get exactly that color; over five hundred colors to choose from.

Colored Cage Foam for Your Roll Bars

A seat belt protects an average driver, but your seat belt, cage, and cage foam on your roll bars protect you in racing. Rarely can anyone see inside a race car as it moves because most racers revert to using slate black cage foam on their roll bars. Take this to a new level by buying and installing colored cage foam. There may not be as many colors available to you as the tires above, but it sure beats the bleak grayish-black and dark interior of the standard cage foam.

Colored Hubs

There are some tire and wheel companies out there that make chrome-plated colored wheel hubs for race cars. These wheel hubs are ultra shiny and come in colors like electric blue and matte cherry red. When you also buy and install the tires mentioned above, there is no way any announcer in the box can mistake your car for the several dozen others on the track. It also helps identify your car clearly in the event that you have a multi-car crash on the track or your car goes flying through the air after spinning out and hitting track rails.

For more information, you will want to contact a company such as Frisby Performance Tire.

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